Full Contour Katana Zirconia Crown

Katana Zirconia UTML


Making natural veneers and other anterior prosthetics from zirconia? YES.

KATANA Zirconia UTML is so translucent that light reaches the original tooth color, bringing you the natural result you need. 

This zirconia has one of the highest translucency levels on the market, as well as a natural color gradient. 

The next time you plan to fabricate a veneer, think about milling KATANA Zirconia UTML. You will be thrilled using zirconia in a totally new way.

Katana Zirconia STML


Do full contour zirconia prosthesis look natural? Yes!

With KATANA Zirconia STML light is transmitted in the incisal area and blocked in the cervical area. You have the flexibility to make beautiful full contour prosthetics, regardless of the abutment color. 

It’s a pioneer of zirconia with a color/natural translucency and color gradient. Use KATANA Zirconia STML for your next full contour prosthetics. The results will be so lifelike, you’ll be eager to fabricate more.

KATANA Zirconia ML


Dentin-like frameworks from zirconia? Yes!

With KATANA Zirconia ML light reflects its natural opacity. A veneering ceramic on top makes the most natural result. This zirconia also comes with natural color gradient. So the next time you plan to hide your framework, think about using KATANA Zirconia ML, as dentin-like base.ML is suitable for full-contour crowns and bridges.

Cementation & Bonding - KATANA Zirconia


One Cement. All cement indications. One prime procedure. Start with priming the tooth using PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer. Then prime and roughen the prosthetic using CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS and apply the pre-mixed cement. PANAVIA™ V5 comes in five aesthetic shades and
the original MDP assures a durable bond. On the tooth and the prosthetic. 

Preparation Guide


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