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CEREC Omnicam

Got CEREC ? Let's connect

Got CEREC ? Let's connect

We can accept and work with your CEREC files from Your omnicam or CEREC Primescan. Make us your favorite dental. 

3shape TRIOS

We can work with your 3 shape files.

Add us to your 3 Shape communicate portal for direct and fast upload of your 

3 shape files to our lab. 


Send us your next Carestream connect case

Have carestream system? add our lab to your CS connect portal and send us your case today.  

DI unit support and Training


 We support your DI unit or in office milling systems. We can provide you and your staff with advanced in office training that covers basic to advanced scanning, milling, implants, design and stain and glazing.  We support Most DI units such as CEREC  Primescane and CEREC Omnicam.  

  • Implant scan and design 
  • Anterior case design 
  • Advanced Stain and Glazing 
  • Basic to Advanced  scanning